OLOP Teacher Feature - Brickner

This year, Our Lady of Peace School would like to recognize its teachers - the Dream Team! We asked each member of our faculty to tell us their dream for our students, big or small.




This week's Teacher Feature is one of our wonderful kindergarten teachers

- Miss Brickner! -



Kindergarten teachers are so important for any school, creating a foundation for young students to base their whole elementary careers on. Miss Brickner does a wonderful job of this, and holds her students to high standards so they will do well in their future years.



Miss Brickner has a dream for her students, and for all the students at Our Lady of Peace School. She says,


"My dream is for all students to value and respect others. Additionally, i wish for them to grow in their faith, follow their dreams, and be successful in life."

Ask her who is the coolest teacher, and she'll tell you that she is the Original Miss B™!

Thank you Miss Brickner!