OLOP Teacher Feature - Compton

This year, Our Lady of Peace School would like to recognize its teachers - the Dream Team! We asked each member of our faculty to tell us their dream for our students, big or small.


This week's Dream Team Member is Mrs. Compton!

Mrs Compton is a Success Coach that works one-on-one with our students!



Mrs. Compton's dream is for the future of our students: she wants to be able to be able to help them build a solid foundation while they are here at OLOP - a foundation built on education, great character, moral values, integrity and faith. She prays that these skills and values will be instilled in them now so that wherever they go, they will use them as tools to have a successful future.


Mrs. Compton is a wonderful example and a wonderful aid for our students and families. Here at OLOP, we are so grateful that she is always available to help anyone in need!

Thank you Mrs. Compton!