Families who live in the following public school districts can request busing for their students to travel to and from Our Lady of Peace each day from: 

Plain Local Schools

Canton City Schools



Canton City Schools Bus Garage

Website:  https://www.ccsdistrict.org/Page/221 

For questions about Canton City Schools busing, contact the Our Lady of Peace office at (330) 492-0622. 


Bus Garage phone number: (330) 456-6710

Email: transportation@ccsdistrict.org 

Plain Local Schools Bus Garage

Website: https://www.plainlocal.org/Content2/41174 

For Questions about Plain Local Schools busing, please contact the Plain Local Schools Bus Garage at (330) 492-1918. 


Bus Garage phone number: (330) 492-1918

Email: romineg@plainlocal.org